The key aim of accepted incentives is ideal for new enthusiasts to kick away from their gambling knowledge of a bang when signing up in an online casino in Austria Kristian Schaefer. This is often a ordinary Las Vegas designed casino site having just about every thing an Aussie could want form an internet gambling house and it’s where you can find an incredible number of happy competitors.

We are always seeking for new artists. Feel free to send us your work. If we are interested; we will contact you!

Upload conditions:

– no 30 seconds previews, we only take in consideration full and finished tracks
– your tracks must be in WAV format or MP3 320kbits minimum
– due to the amount of demo received, we cannot answer quickly to all; if we are interested; we will contact you!
– upload your tracks using the dropbox below or paste a direct link (no download service like « We Transfert ») on

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your sounds

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