Freak it / Steeve March / LHN39

Life is a Party Envoy Freak it / Steeve March Date de sortie 2019-09-11 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN038 Steeve March Freak itWe Are All Somebody ...

Black Lemonade (Original Mix) / Chloé Martinez / LHN37

Black Lemonade is an invitation to undertake a multi-faceted sound journey to arrive at the chosen destination, including Barcelona adding a touch more groovy. Black Lemonade / Chloé Martinez Date de sortie 2019-08-19 Label ...

Holidays (Inc. Remixes) / Dee Machine’s / LHN36

A mix between deep-house and melodic techno in the colors of the sun Holidays / Dee Machine's Date de sortie 2019-07-01 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN036 Dee Machine's ...

Qawa (Live Edit) / Jarjou / LHN35

Rave party track from Earth mixes with Mars and Neptun treasures to create this cup, reminiscent of the mystery of the Universe bazaar. Evocative of historical blends, it has an exotic character carrying intense roasted and black pepper spicy notes. Qawa (Live Edit) / ...

Acid (Inc. Remixes) / Kim Prevedello / LHN34

Acid est une track Techno au kick soutenu avec une touche « dark » et une influence Rave Party fin des années 80 début des années 90, avec une vocale emblématique et représentative de l’Acid-House de ces années-là. L’idée de cette track est venue à Kim ...

Octodoine / Jarjou / LHN33

Jarjou is pleased to present his first EP; Octodoine. Composed to take you to another dimension and consider music as a progressive psychedelic journey.A dynamic meditation that can have its ...

Lost Travelers / Disco Channel / LHN32

Lost Travelers / Disco Channel Date de sortie 2017-11-12 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN032 Disco Channel ...

When You Meet the King / Disco Channel / LHN31

When You Meet the King / Disco Channel Date de sortie 2016-12-12 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN031 Disco Channel

After Effect (Inc.Remixes) / Kim Prevedello / LHN30

Date de sortie 2016-01-25 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN030 Kim Prevedello, Otto Reverse

Bubblebeat (Remix) / Santis / LHN29

Date de sortie 2015-11-01 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN029 Central Rodeo, Lius&Nexus, Santis

Gartenhaus / Elos & Vegas / LHN28

Date de sortie 2015-06-22 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN028 Elos &

Bubblebeat / Santis / LHN27

Date de sortie 2015-03-15 Label Littlehouse Records Catalogue LHN027

State of Mind / Courtney Storer / LHN26

Littlehouse is coming this time with a brand new artist from Liverpool named Courtney Storer. His last EP « State of Mind » was built through a free and random research through all the gems that can be found on Soundcloud. After discovering his sounds, we absolutely wanted to ...

There & Overthere / Santis / LHN25

There & Overthere is the first EP of Santis after having stopped his previous project Peter D. Recently back in Switzerland, the artist created a bunch of new tracks under the sun of the beautiful Andalusia. This first EP, produced near Sevilla and finalised in Geneva, well ...

On Ne Dit Pas Je – Album / LH24

Lionel Stephan D. a proposé à plusieurs artistes – éminentes figures du monde de la nuit et de la scène électronique – de réaliser une composition originale à partir d’éléments de sa biographie, d’une discographie des titres qui ont accompagné son parcours et ...

Silo Disko, Aleryde - Rollin - cover

Silo Disko, Aleryde – Rollin (incl. remixes) / LTHF023

Kim Prevedello – Don't Lie EP / LTHF022

Marvine Geber – XWK / LH21

V.A. – The First EP (vinyl & digital release) LITF017&18

Olafson – Lost In Saigon EP / LITF018