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Olafson, multiple facets artist, has been working as an electronic music producer since ten years. Influenced by the underground house and techno scene of the 2000’s, his style refines by itself and results to a world made of « deep » sonorities summed with spicy grooves almost funky and sometimes with a more dancefloor behaviour. Olafson offers an efficient and dynamic style of music. He proposes pluridimensional dj sets that mix aphrodisiac and stimulating grooves.

Electronic music fanatic in general, Olafson is also very interested in the media world. That’s why he created his own radio show called « Metronome » on the internet in partnership with . The concept is exported to clubs and festivals such as « La Ruche » in Lausanne, « Lake Parade festival » in Geneva, « Montreux Jazz festival » and « Loft Club » in Lausanne.

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